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 No Evidence Villagers Tried to Kill Journalists, Ministry Says

Journalists entered the homes of villagers in Ratanakkiri province suspected of illegal logging, threatening to put them in handcuffs if they didn’t open their doors and show their timber stock, the Information Ministry said in a statement released on Monday after a brief investigation. A spokesman for the ministry, however, said that it would not [...]

 CNRP Vice Presidency Up for Grabs

There is little doubt among observers that Kem Sokha will be named as president of the CNRP at a snap party congress set for Thursday, but who will replace him as the party’s deputy leader is either a closely guarded secret or remains up in the air. It is unclear even whether a single person [...]

 Top Judges Retain Roles Despite Being Over Retirement Age

Five Supreme Court judges over the official retirement age of 65 will be allowed to continue working after the Supreme Council of Magistracy agreed to continue their employment at its 28th annual meeting on Monday. Sam Pracheameanith, the council’s secretary-general, said the Law on the Statute of Judges and Prosecutors grants the council permission to [...]

 Hun Sen Promotes Peace, Produce on Path to Attracting 7M Tourists

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday said the government was expecting tourism-sector job numbers to hit 1 million by 2020 to accommodate the more than 7 million visitors expected to visit Cambodia per year by the end of the decade. Speaking at an event in Phnom Penh to mark National Clean City Day, he said [...]

 SRP Set to Boycott Senate Vote on Party Law Amendments

The opposition Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) says it will boycott today’s Senate vote on legal amendments that will give the government and courts broad new powers to suspend and dissolve political parties over vaguely worded offenses left open for interpretation. The Senate’s permanent committee met on Monday to schedule a vote on the proposed changes [...]

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